It is our goal to be the premier commercial short-term insurance product provider, offering a vast number policyholders practical solutions to cover and manage their respective specialist business exposures; by offering outstanding service, tailored quality products, advanced technology, broker support and superior operating results, whilst setting the benchmark for adding value!

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Ibiliti Underwriting managers is a privately owned specialist underwriter offering a range of insurance products aimed at business sections.  The company was established in 2011.

On behalf of Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited, Ibiliti offers the full suite of binder functions relating to insurance.  This includes policy design, underwriting, policy issue, claims handling and all ancillary administration functions.

As underwriting specialist in the business of short-term insurance, Ibiliti has the skills and expertise necessary to ensure a superior insurance offering to the business sector.

Recognising the unique needs of the South African market, Ibiliti remains committed to providing clear and transparent insurance solutions in the spirit of the Treating Customers Fairly framework.

In today’s modern world, business is everywhere. From small rural towns to large urban cities. Every business is different. Protecting businesses from unforeseen risks is essential.

Structural changes and the state of the South African economy do not allow any business owner to sit back. The Ibiliti insurance solution helps the entrepreneur in times when it matters most.

As Ibiliti Underwriting Managers continues to grow, the focus remains on:

• Bringing exceptional change to the way our selected short-term brokers are enabled and supported.

• Continuously exceeding client expectations.

• Remaining a company committed to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of business.

We are dedicated to change – in an extraordinary manner – the way that our business partners are empowered and taken care of. 

Why choose us?

We provide brokers with the best products, flexible solutions, excellent service, seamless software, real-time portfolio management tools as well as training and support.  We assist all parties to focus on their main functions and thereby ensuring efficiency.  We bridge the gap between expensive underwriting and administration costs thereby saving everyone involved time and money.

• Assist the broker to find innovative ways to penetrate the market in the current economy.

• Provide solutions to promote existing client base retention.

• Offer operational efficiency to ensure the long-term sustainability of intermediaries.

• Keep up with the times through investing in the latest technology. Our challenge is to meet the needs of brokers in current times but not compromise on how our business will cater for future generations.

• Adapt to the increasing demands of the regulatory environment. 

Vision and Values

We aspire to to provide the best service and solutions to ensure that we add the most value to empower a vast number of customers.


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